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Charm WaterGiene is used to test the sanitation of water, including. CIP water, rinse waters, and cooling water. WaterGiene measures water cleanliness in 20.
filexlib. This procedure outlines the use and maintenance of the Charm Sciences novaLUM® luminometer used to assess adequacy of sanitation for the Microbiological.
Charm has developed scientifically advanced chemistry for the PocketSwab Plus and related Charm tests for sanitation, allergen control and pasteurization User Interface: Touch Screen Calibration (ATP): Factory-set to traceable Primary Reference Standard (ATP controls available for verification) Unit Dimensions: 5.25 x 5 x 2.6 inches (13.3 x 12.7 x 6.6 cm, W x H x D) Swab Chamber: Patented open-chamber design; no lids, latches or doors Items 1 – 32 FORM FDA/NCIMS 2400j-2 Charm USING CHARM II 6000/6600 AND LUMINOMETER/LUMINATOR/NOVALUM Operating instructions available.
$1.00 The Charm Novalum 2 is a multipurpose analyser capable of performing different adenosine triphosphate (ATP) luminescence tests for food hygiene and water
The Charm Science novaLUM II-X system can be used for hygiene monitoring and allergen control, pasteurization verification, and pesticide screening In Watergiene ATP Swabs: Charm Sciences Inc
Charm, novaLUM, novaLINK, PocketSwab, AllerGiene, Giene Technology and installation on a local computer only, proceed to step 2.
The. novaLUM II ATP detection system eliminates subjectivity by directing operators to swab randomly selected sampling points from within their pre-programmed
novaLUM®II-X System Monthly Calibration Procedural Flow Chart. Refer to Current Charm® Operator’s Manual for Complete Test Procedure. EMPTY CHAMBER.
Charm tests for sanitation, allergen control and pasteurization verification. This chemistry, combined with the internal multiplication of the. novaLUM II

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